Back in 1981 Erik Bjergfelt graduated from The Royal Danish Film School having a master in sound. Starting out as a film sound recordist and later sound mixer for feature films & documentary. Being a CEO, doing Scandinavian dubbing for decades, building & owing over 20 sound studios in the Nordic Region.
Decided in 2000 to scale down and concentrate my work in Denmark, focusing on: Localizations, ADR, Voice Over & Sound design.

Today I own a studio in an old warehouse in Copenhagen, here I share the premises with; Homerun Media & Courageous Content, together we own Allied Media Partners AMP, a film production company.

Back in 2015 Nadica La Rosa & Erik Bjergfelt founded TopPost as a full service company. Nadica, coming from a financial accounting position in the electronics industry, is taking care of speakers, salary, administration & accounting for both internal and external media-companies.

Since then we have worked with some of the major players on the marked.